Typology: Classification according to general type
Typeology: Lists of subjectively related typefaces

Rotis Replacements

Rotis Semi Serif — Otl Aicher, 1989

“Rotis is mediocre … [to] … incompetent” said Robin Kinross, who adds: “Aicher was a good graphic designer, a fine pho­tog­ra­pher, made some very nice posters, and did some pretty good mag­a­zine design work, but – despite what he liked to think – he wasn’t a good typog­ra­pher or book designer.” — Is Rotis a Typeface?

Areplos — Jan Solpera and František Štorm, 1970–80, 2005

Wonderful. But careful, the descenders are very short.

Cicéro — Thierry Puyfoulhoux, 1994

Not really like Rotis in structure, but has the “semi serifs”.