Typology: Classification according to general type
Typeology: Lists of subjectively related typefaces

The Godfather’s Haunted Lineage

Othello (Gustav F. Schroeder, Central Type Foundry, ca.1884–92)
Othello (Morris Fuller Benton, ATF, 1934)
Roundhead (Franklin, 1889 / MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, ca.1891)
Fiorello (Photo-Lettering), CG Fiorello Condensed (Compugraphic), PL Fiorello Condensed (Agfa/Monotype)
Larchmont, the Godfather logo font (Lettergraphics, official name unconfirmed, may be a clone)
Dutch Master (Roger Hartley, Silver Graphics, 1995)
Macbeth (Linotype)
Iago NF (Nick Curtis, Nick’s Fonts, 2011)
Bathysphere (Seymour Caprice, Kickingbird, 2013)

Rubens (John F. Cumming, Boston Type Foundry, 1884 / ATF / Palmer & Rey / Franklin, 1889)
Teniers (John F. Cumming, Boston Type Foundry, 1887) Seems to be simply a small caps version of Rubens.
Ravenscroft (Justin Callaghan, Mickey Avenue, 2001)
Rubens (Jordan Davies, Wooden Type Fonts, 2005)
Rublof (NovelFonts)
Whelan Antique (Photoscript, Ltd.)

Duerer (John F. Cumming, Boston Type Foundry, ca.1890 / Palmer & Rey)
Excelsis (Dan X. Solo, Solotype)

Ornamental Cousins
Makart (Julius Herriet, Boston Type Foundry, ca.1886 / Palmer & Rey)
Argent (Cleveland Type Foundry, 1883)
Algonquin (John F. Cumming, Dickinson Type Foundry, ca.1890)
Telegraph (Charles H. Beeler, MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, 1895)
Telegraph (Dan X. Solo, Solotype)
Apothecary (Roger Hartley, Silver Graphics, 1993)
LHF Ambrosia (Chuck Davis, Letterhead Fonts, 2004)
Astroid Primo (Spiece Graphics, 2009)

Wooden Uncles
506 (W. H. Page)
Teniers (Hamilton, 1888)
Teniers (Jordan Davies, Wooden Type Fonts, 2005)
William Page 506 (Jordan Davies, Wooden Type Fonts, 2005)
Goodfellow (Solotype)
House of Cards (Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Flat-It, 2012)

Rotis Replacements

Rotis Semi Serif — Otl Aicher, 1989

“Rotis is mediocre … [to] … incompetent” said Robin Kinross, who adds: “Aicher was a good graphic designer, a fine pho­tog­ra­pher, made some very nice posters, and did some pretty good mag­a­zine design work, but – despite what he liked to think – he wasn’t a good typog­ra­pher or book designer.” — Is Rotis a Typeface?

Areplos — Jan Solpera and František Štorm, 1970–80, 2005

Wonderful. But careful, the descenders are very short.

Cicéro — Thierry Puyfoulhoux, 1994

Not really like Rotis in structure, but has the “semi serifs”.